What we’re reading: The Life I Left Behind

The Life I Left Behind by Colette McBeth

Ella Pocock from Quercus reviews crime author Colette McBeths' new crime novel, The Life I Left Behind.

Posted on February 12, 2015 in What We're Reading

Colette McBeth’s psychological thriller, The Life I left Behind, is told from two perspectives. Melody and Eve, both victims of an attack, are strikingly similar in many ways except one survived and one didn’t.

McBeth has created a unique and clever plot with many layers of mystery that will keep readers guessing at every turn. Melody was a victim of an attack six years ago. She survived but has since become a recluse due to the psychological flashbacks she suffers from and is unable to leave the house on her own for fear of what might happen. When she hears that a woman has been murdered, the attack bears a striking resemblance to what happened to her. Even worse, the man who was convicted for the attack on her has just been released from prison. Is it possible that he has attacked again when Mel has always doubted that he was guilty in the first place?

When a book alternates between different character perspectives I often find myself preferring one character and not paying as much attention to certain chapters but the story of each character in The Life I Left Behind is so intriguing and full of tension that I could never find a spot where I wanted to stop reading.

Eve’s ghostly narrative haunts the pages and is a stark offering of what could soon be Melody’s fate. McBeth is an expert at holding readers in a continual state of suspense. You’ll be hooked from the very first page. Beware this book is addictive, I couldn’t read it fast enough.

The Life I Left Behind by Colette McBeth


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