Lisa Scottoline: Where Do Authors Get Their Ideas?

Lisa Scottoline - author of KEEP QUIET - writes about where authors get their ideas from, and where she found her inspiration for brand new thriller, MOST WANTED.

Posted on April 15, 2016 in Guest Author
Tags: psychological thriller


The question I’m asked most often is: ‘Where do you get your ideas?’ The answer is that the idea for every book comes from a personal truth or life experience I’ve had myself. I believe that in order for the reader to connect with my books, they have to be emotionally true. And the idea for MOST WANTED came from the most emotionally true moment of my entire life: the birth of my amazing daughter, Francesca.

I was thinking about how much my daughter Francesca means to me, and as a single mom with only one child, we are really close. We’re even co-authors! And as she’s gotten older, she’s still the best part of my life and the thought came to me – what if I couldn’t have had a child? What if I hadn’t been able to conceive? And then I thought, what if I had used a sperm donor to have a child – and then what if my donor turned out to be a suspected serial killer? It was as wild a ‘what if’ as I could imagine, but also one that would involve a lot of moral, ethical, and emotional complexity, so I got busy writing and MOST WANTED was born.

The emotional truth at the core of MOST WANTED is the heart-wrenching struggle of infertility and the joy of overcoming it using modern medicine. However, it wouldn’t be one of my books without a suspenseful twist! What if a newly pregnant couple discovers their donor is accused of committing multiple murders? What will they do? You’ll have to read MOST WANTED to find out, and I do hope you’ll grab a copy!

And if you have already read MOST WANTED, thank you so much and I’d love to know what you think of it! You know how much your opinions mean to me, and your support.

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