Classic crime books we’ve never read…

The Crime Files team have read many many crime thriller novels over the years but we're ashamed to say that there are a few classics that have passed us by. Here, the team admit which classic crime novels they haven't read but have always been on the list.

Posted on May 20, 2016 in News
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Tom Ripley novels


I am almost ashamed to say that Patricia Highsmith’s much lauded “Ripliad” remains something I have inexplicably never got round to reading. Of all the classic crime which still lurks in the shadows of the unread, this is the one which makes me most uncomfortable. I am almost certain I will love them, I have the books on the shelf, and I have seen all the film adaptations from the fabulous (Dennis Hopper, Alan Delon) to the less fabulous (Matt Damon) and yet somehow they have still eluded me.

Working on Jill Dawson’s magnificent The Crime Writer has only exacerbated this unease and I have promised myself that this year I will finally begin my journey into the world of Tom Ripley.

Daniel Fraser


Silence of the Lambs


Everyone and I mean everyone must have seen Silence of the Lambs at some point or at least knows about the famous Clarice Starling scene. I’m ashamed to say I’m that person who has seen the movie but not read the book. I loved the film, it has all the elements of a well-executed thriller but I’ve heard the book is even better (always the case!) which is why it must this year finally go to the top of my reading pile.

Ella Pocock


The Black Dahlia 

black dahlia

As a crime fan, who’s also a lover of 1940s Hollywood it’s a bit of a joke that I’ve never read The Black Dahlia – or any other of the L.A. Quartet. I’ve got a holiday coming up though so I’ll be immersing myself in a corrupt and seedy LA. I can’t wait.

Olivia Mead


Strangers on a train

strangers on a train

I’ve been meaning to read Patricia Highsmith’s Strangers on a Train for years, ever since seeing the film. The movie is a classic, of course, and gloriously unsettling, but everybody know the book is always best!

Naomi Berwin


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