Scene of the Crime – Michelle Adams

Scene of the Crime

Michelle Adams, author of My Sister, introduces where she writes for our regular Scene of the Crime piece.

Posted on November 29, 2016 in Guest Author, Scene of the Crime
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For the majority of my early writing career I was homeless, in that I didn’t have a specific space in which to write. Unlike many authors who surround themselves with the necessary tools and mementos to inspire their craft, I’ve always been content with writing whenever I found the opportunity. I have written manuscripts at dining tables, in aeroplanes, from holiday balconies, and even on post-it notes while I was supposed to be working in another job. When I look back now, I can at least see that I was determined.

But for the last four years I had managed to stake out a semi-permanent  spot in my husband’s medical practice. I am a trained physiologist so it was convenient for him that I was on hand to perform ultrasounds when necessary. I also helped out on reception, albeit badly, because I found it near impossible to concentrate on the real people before me when the imaginary ones were running rampant in my head. But during breaks, time between patients, and after clinic had finished I managed to write several manuscripts, the last of which went on to become My Sister.


Recently however we have moved house, and this has for the first time in my writing life landed me in the somewhat weird position of having my own office. It’s pretty humble, but is a fully functional 3 x 3 metre space with an Ikea desk underneath the window and plenty of space for books. As I write this piece I am surrounded by unpacked boxes, yet already it is starting to feel like home. The peace and quiet, and the lack of interruptions has been a dream. Being able to work without making appointments or having to switch between the different modes of writer and scientist, or indeed English and Greek has been great, and my productivity has certainly gone up.


In order to feel at home I have placed a few important items on my desk, such as a picture of me with my father when I was a baby, a painting I picked up in Paris, and my cat who has also found himself a spot from which he can survey the proceedings. There’s my iPad for reading the news in the mornings while I drink my usual cup of tea before I start, and a few books too, including my current read (See What I have Done by Sarah Schmidt – keep your eyes open for it, I think it will be huge). I have my bookshelves behind me, which isn’t going to work long term because I’d like to keep the books in view of my desk, but I think rearrangement will be an organic process. I might also need to paint the walls something a bit darker; I think I need to set the mood, because so far everything seems a bit bright and cheerful. But in order to complete the unpacking, and the paintjob I have my eye on calls for me to take a break from writing, and now that I actually have somewhere to write from I intend to make the most of it.

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