Scene of the Crime – G X Todd

Scene of the Crime

G X Todd, author of DEFENDER, writes about her Lego-filled study for our Scene of the Crime piece!

Posted on January 12, 2017 in Guest Author, Scene of the Crime
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I write in a study, which I refuse to turn into a spare bedroom for my nieces (I’m a bad auntie, I know). Ninety percent of the time its metal blind remains closed because I get distracted by the birds outside. I also have a lot of LEGO on my desk, because there’s nowhere else I can put it. I’m not a very minimalist person, unfortunately.

LEGO Desk G X Todd

There’s a stereo because I like to make playlists for the books I write, although sometimes I can’t handle music so I sit there in silence. I have a few book shelves, too, because I’m a reader first and foremost. And, for ergonomic purposes, I have two cushions – a fox and Totoro – on my swivel chair (which I swapped with my friend because he needed a smaller one to fit his spare bedroom and I’ve always wanted a leather Mastermind chair).

Study 4 G X Todd Study 5 G X Todd

You’d be forgiven in thinking this space belongs to a sixteen-year-old.

Study 1 G X Todd Study 2

I do also have a very handy super-portable laptop with a solid state hard drive which I sometimes carry around with me. It can come in very useful when waiting for my toast to arrive in my local Sainsbury’s café or when I have a spare few minutes on break or at lunchtime when I’m out in the library van. The rest of the time I carry it around in a snazzy leather satchel to fake looking like a professional who knows what I’m doing.

Defender G X Todd

G X Todd is the author of DEFENDER

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