Series guide to the works of Peter May

Peter May series guide

A full series guide to the works of Peter May, so you can make sure you know your Enzo from your Fin Macleod!

Posted on March 17, 2017 in Behind the Scenes, Series guide
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Peter May series guide

The Lewis Trilogy series guide

In these tense and masterly novels set in the remote Outer Hebrides of Scotland, one can almost see the secrets swirling in the skies above Detective Inspector Fin Macleod, as he attempts to piece together baffling cases, as well as his own, broken, life.



The China Thrillers series guide

A brilliant but volatile relationship develops between Beijing detective Li Yan and American pathologist Margaret Campbell as they work together to solve a series of gruesome murders amid China’s aggressive expansion into the twenty-first century.




The Enzo Files series guide


Peter May takes us to France, where forensic scientist Enzo Macleod attempts to crack the country’s 6 most infamous cold cases. By doing so, Enzo begins to attract unwanted attention: that of killers who will do anything to protect their darkest secret.


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