Our Books: Action/Adventure

  • Warlord


    by, Chris Ryan

    ‘The action comes bullet-fast and Ryan’s experience of covert operations flash through the high-speed story like tracer rounds.’ The Sun The fifth book in the Danny Black series. On the border of the United States and Mexico, a war is raging that can n …

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  • The Brittle Star

    The Brittle Star

    by, Davina Langdale

    Perfect for fans of Cormac McCarthy and True Grit, The Brittle Star is the epic story of a young man’s unquenchable spirit. When his mother’s ranch is attacked, sixteen-year-old John Evert is wounded and left to die. But John Evert is no ordinary young …

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  • Shadow Kill: A Strikeback Novel

    Shadow Kill: A Strikeback Novel

    by, Chris Ryan

    Held up by rebel forces in a brutal siege, John Porter is tested to the limit in the African jungle. Strikeback hero John Porter is sent on a mission with Regimental scallywag John Bald. Where Porter plays it by the book, Bald will always want to break …

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  • Defender


    by, G X Todd

    DEFENDER by G X Todd is an imaginative thriller that draws on influences from Stephen King, Clive Barker and Neil Gaiman to create a new world – where the biggest threat mankind faces is from the voices inside your own head. If you loved The Stand, you …

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  • Black Ops

    Black Ops

    by, Stephen Leather

    Spider Shepherd’s MI5 controller, Charlie Button, has gone rogue, using government resources to get revenge on the men who killed her husband. Spider is told to betray her. Worse, he’s asked to cooperate with his nemesis at MI6, Jeremy Willoughby-Brown …

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  • Those Who Wish Me Dead

    Those Who Wish Me Dead

    by, Michael Koryta

    When thirteen-year-old Jace Wilson accidentally witnesses a brutal murder, he’s plunged into a new life, issued a false identity and hidden in a wilderness skills program for troubled teens. The plan is to get Jace off the grid while police find the tw …

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  • Pyramid


    by, David Gibbins

    Fans of Dan Brown and Clive Cussler will be unable to resist this thrilling new Jack Howard action adventure from Sunday Times bestseller David Gibbins. Underwater archaeologist Jack Howard is back with a dangerous mission to uncover a shocking secret …

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  • Zodiac Station

    Zodiac Station

    by, Tom Harper

    An extraordinary thriller set at the frozen edge of the world, perfect for fans of new Sky Atlantic series, Fortitude. In the Arctic Ocean, the US Coast Guard icebreaker Terra Nova batters its way through the pack ice. There shouldn’t be anyone near th …

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  • Silent Kill

    Silent Kill

    by, Chris Ryan

    The fourth book in Chris Ryan’s Extreme series. Northern Ireland, 1993. For high-flying MI5 officer Avery Chance the real war has only just begun. When Chance is abducted by the IRA’s notorious Nutting Squad, her hopes lie in the hands of a young SAS r …

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  • Kingdom of Darkness

    Kingdom of Darkness

    by, Andy McDermott

    Full of his trademark action, thrills and humour, Kingdom of Darkness is Andy McDermott’s most exciting novel to date and marks the 10th novel featuring his brilliant series leads, Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase. 1943 – Occupied Greece The mission was simp …

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