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Erin Kelly writes exclusively for Crime Files on what it's been like to be involved in the BAFTA award-winning TV show, Broadchurch.

Posted on January 9, 2015 in Film/TV Adaptations
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If you’re enjoying the new series of Broadchurch you’ll be interested to know that a series of exclusive short stories have been written to run alongside ITV’s BAFTA award-winning show.

The stories, written by bestselling author Erin Kelly in close collaboration with Broadchurch creator Chris Chibnall, will consist of 100% original plotlines that are tied closely to that evening’s episode. The stories will offer an unrivalled opportunity to spend more time with the characters, allowing you to delve deeper into their lives, histories and secrets in order to find out what really makes them tick.

Each story will be released at midnight following the broadcast of the episode – containing completely new material not available anywhere else, they’ll be a must-read for all fans of the show.

Erin Kelly, author of the critically acclaimed psychological thrillers, The Poison Tree (a Richard & Judy Book Club selection in 2011 and adapted as a major ITV drama in 2012), The Sick Rose and The Burning Air.

Erin now talks exclusively to Crime Files about her involvement in the production of Broadchurch:

It’s been a huge privilege to see the scripts and episodes for the second series, and to meet the cast and crew. Sitting in on the read-through for the first episode and breathing the same air as Tennant and Colman was a particular treat.

The experience has been different to what I’m used to. My own novels are psychological thrillers and Broadchurch has also been a great chance for me to explore police procedurals and courtroom dramas. I had access to their police advisor and legal team, and I’m going to incorporate some of the things I learned from them in my next psychological thriller, which seems to be turning into a courtroom drama.

When I write my own novels, nobody sees it until the first draft is as perfect as I can make it on my own. These short stories have been a collaborative effort between me, showrunner Chris Chibnall, the script editor Sam Hoyle and my editor at Sphere, Jade Chandler, and I’ve loved bouncing ideas around with them.

We’ve had to be incredibly careful with spoilers, treading the fine line between subtle clues and giving too much away, but this is an art I’ve refined in my own novels, so it was a challenge I relished. But I won’t deny that part of me is looking forward to the final episode when all secrets are revealed and I can stop all the lying.

Erin’s latest novel, The Ties That Bind, is publishing in paperback on 29 January.
Read an excerpt here…

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