The Shame of the Boxset Collector who Hasn’t Watched Half of Them

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Mulholland Editor Ruth Tross talks us through the TV shows she is watching and reveals her secret boxset shame.

Posted on June 15, 2015 in Film/TV Adaptations, Guest Author
Tags: TV Crime

Look, there is a lot of good telly out there. A lot of stuff that you must watch, you must know about, you must tweet about. I agree! I want to watch it! I go out, I buy box sets, I download things from on demand. But then real life happens: I have a job, and a vague social life, and a house that needs cleaning (occasionally) and a husband with whom I watch TV (and both of us will sulk if the other skips ahead) who also has a social life, and sometimes we’re only in together on the same night once a week.


So I am behind. I am woefully behind.


Here’s what I’m watching at the moment:



Game of Thrones

Mad Men (done! Done and never coming back! The relief!)

The Daily Show


Here’s what I want to also be watching at the moment:

Battlestar Galactica

Parks & Rec

True Detective


The Jinx

The Wire series 5 (YES I KNOW IT’S SHAMEFUL)

The last couple of series of The Sopranos (it’s not my fault! I wasn’t in the country when they happened.)


Here’s what I don’t even own but people tell me I must watch:

Breaking Bad

House of Cards

Orange is the New Black

The Affair


The Detectives

Happy Valley

Six Feet Under


Here’s what I watch while knowing I should be watching something better:




I haven’t got Netflix, or Amazon Prime. I don’t think I could bear the burden of knowing that there are so many other accessible series that I am also not watching.


I have been up-to-date with things in my life. Admittedly mostly when I was a student. I watched Buffy the day the boxsets came out, I’m fine on the West Wing, I have been a weekly watcher of Mad Men, GoT and Boardwalk Empire (though I can’t remember why, with the last one). But otherwise, if anyone asks me ‘have you seen…’ the answer is likely to be ‘no, not yet, but I have it recorded!’


I have so many things recorded. Some of them are in the photo at the top. (I would like to say that I am not the person who recorded Ghost Rider.) In front of them are just some of the unwatched DVDs. Our collective unwatched DVDs of film and TV fill this bookcase.



And now you don’t only have to worry about drama – I got hooked on Serial, I think The Jinx sounds amazing, I want to catch up on The Detectives… it’s not enough that I feel burdened by how behind I am on fiction, now there’s a whole other genre clamouring for my time. Not to mention the teetering pile of unread books that stare at me, meaningfully, in another room…


Ideally, I think we should ban all new material for five years and give everyone a chance to catch up.


But since that’s unlikely to happen, I plan to ignore summer and stay in catching up until watching TV seems less like a chore, and more like something I actually enjoy.


If you need me, I’ll be midway through Treme


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