Peter May takes the Crime Files quiz

Runaway by Peter May

Bestselling UK crime writer, Peter May, tackles the Crime Files quiz.

Posted on July 21, 2015 in Author Q&A
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If you were stranded on a desert island and could take one crime novel, one DVD boxset and one character from a crime novel, who/what would you take?

Crime Novel: The Big Sleep.  It is just great writing.  Everything about it was stylish and clever.

DVD boxset: Justified.  Based on Elmore Leonard’s short story “Fire in the Hole”, with Elmore Leonard as executive producer. Fabulous, eccentric characters. Superb performances from the cast members. Shakespearean in the heights of its drama. And a great team of writers.

Character from a crime novel: Marsaili from my Lewis Trilogy of books because I know her so well, and she is every man’s “one that got away”


Who would you invite to your dream dinner party and what would be on the menu?

My wife (especially having chosen Marsaili for the desert island question!); Ernest Hemingway, he  would bring great wine and would have more than a few good anecdotes; Dorothy Parker for her wit. I’d like three-star Michelin chef Michel Bras to cook for us. I spent three days researching with him and shadowing him in his kitchen for my Enzo Files book “Blowback” and ate with him and his family in the restaurant kitchen before each night’s service commenced!


What is your favourite line from a film/TV series/book?

“If only you could see what I’ve seen with your eyes” Roy Batty, the android, speaking to the creator of his eyes, Hannibal Chew.


If you could write a book with any other crime or thriller writer, who would you choose and why?

I wouldn’t . I would make a terrible collaborator!


If your book was being made into a film or a TV series, who would you want to play the lead character?

Several of my books are currently being considered for film and TV series.  I will leave the casting to the professionals.  But if we’re talking about dream casting, a 50 year old Sean Connery would have made a great Enzo.


What crime novel do you wish you had written?

 “The Third Man”


What’s the scariest place you’ve visited for inspiration?

The scariest place was USAMRIID United States Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Disease – the US bio warfare centre in Maryland. I couldn’t wait to shower and change when I got out of there! That was for research for my China Thriller” Snakehead”.
The creepiest place I’ve ever been was down the Paris catacombs, a network of 350 kilometres of tunnels, dug out by quarriers to provide the stone to build the city. One section was used to accommodate the bones disinterred from a cemetery which was excavated to build upon.  The skulls and bones are stacked neatly, floor to ceiling. I went down the catacombs to research the first of the Enzo Files, “Extraordinary People”.


You are master of cluedo and have any name, weapon and room at your disposal, whodunit and what happened?

 Colonel Mustard in the Kitchen with an icicle, because I do love culinary mysteries.


Peter’s latest book, RUNAWAY is out in paperback on 30 July.

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