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Scene of the Crime

Sinéad Crowley is the arts and media correspondent with RTE News in Dublin and also the author of the DS Claire Boyle series, psychological thrillers set in Ireland. Here she takes us behind-the-scenes of her writing room. . .

Posted on April 6, 2016 in Behind the Scenes
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Every morning I go for a thirty minute jog along the beach, then it’s back for a quick power shower and straight into my office which is on the top floor of my seafront home. My computer sits on a polished mahogany desk, which I’ve placed under the window so I can watch the tides sweep in over Dublin Bay.

My chair is large, black and ergonomically designed and the walls of my study are lined with custom built book shelves. In the corner of the room sits a latte machine which also does a fantastic hot chocolate if required and beside it is a basket filled daily with fresh scones, a particular recipe I’ve discovered which actually helps you lose weight…


  1. You got me. I’m making it up (well, I am a novelist). There is no mahogany desk, no ergonomic chair, no sea view. No (sob) custom built shelves. I do drink a lot of coffee while I work, but that’s because I either write at the kitchen table or in cafes. I also occasionally write in my car, but only if I’ve been able to pick up a takeaway coffee first. In other words, it’s ‘have laptop, will scribe’.

I don’t have much choice in the matter. I have a full time day job as a journalist which means my working hours vary from day to day and I have two small boys at home which means every spare corner of my house has been colonized by cars and Nerf bullets.


The question is though, does it matter? Does where you write have an impact on what you write? I have writer friends who have those custom built chairs, others who spend time in a gorgeous writers’ retreat with a view of a lake and, I’m told, exceptionally good scones. I fantasize about spending a week or two there but, to be honest, I also wonder if it would do me any good. I’m currently working on my third crime novel and for the past six years I’ve written anywhere I can, whenever I can. My writing style has evolved to suit my circumstances: I spend car journeys thinking about what I’ll write next and then when I sit down at the computer I manage an hour or two of concentrated work and then, that’s it, I’m done. I can often do a thousand words in a single focused session but rarely any more, even if I have taken the day off work to do so, and I’m not sure at this stage if the mahogany desk or the smell of the sea would bring forth much more.


Besides, working in the kitchen has its advantages. The clothes horse sits right beside the kitchen table and, when confronted with the prospect of sorting socks, tackling even the knottiest of plots seems like the preferable option. So I’ll stick with that view, for now.

My view at the library and from my kitchen table!

IMG_0235 IMG_0241

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