Bank Holiday binge – box sets we’re watching this weekend

It's the bank holiday weekend - hurrah!! For most of us, that means three full days off work, and that's plenty of time to start (and possibly finish) a box set. So stock up on crisps and settle in. If you're struggling for something new, here are a few suggestions from the Crime Files team...

Posted on May 27, 2016 in News, What We're Reading

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I’m a massive fan of box sets, I love getting stuck into a series rather than whiling away the time watching something pointless on TV. Recently I’ve watched and loved the American crime drama, How To Get Away with Murder, it’s one of the best things I’ve watched in a long time. And last weekend I dipped my toe into the American teen crime drama Pretty Little Liars. Now, before you judge, yes it’s cliché, yes the twenty-something actors are playing 16 year olds, yes it’s laced in teen drama BUT it’s also ridiculously well-reviewed and is quite compulsive viewing. One of five girls go missing with only the four other girls as witnesses. When a body is eventually found (a year on) a murder investigation is opened and all fingers point to the four girls. But someone outside the group knows what happened and texts from the ‘dead’ girl to the four girls phones keep everyone on their toes… Like I said, it’s cheese-tastic but I know what I’m watching tonight.

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The Coen Brothers’ Fargo is one of my top ten favourite films, but I’ve never seen the TV adaption. I originally steered clear of it because I didn’t want to ruin the original story of the film but I’ve heard from so many people how fantastic it is. And specifically, how fantastic Martin Freeman’s Minnesotan accent is. People seem particularly impressed by that. So I’m finally giving it ago this weekend – my sofa will be transported to North Dakota. I’m hoping for white landscapes, black humour and a bit of good old violence from what the internet is calling ‘the best and bloodiest show on telly’.

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As a complete Netflix addict, there’s no doubt that I’ll be getting in some serious box set action over the bank holiday. Right now I am all about Orphan Black, and I will be bingeing on series four this weekend. I LOVE this show (if you haven’t discovered it yet, you need to get on it pronto!) – there are clones, there’s crazy science, there’s peril, and there’s a phenomenal central performance from Tatiana Maslany who plays all the very distinct clones so convincingly that you completely forget they are all the same person.

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