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The Crime Files team choose their favourite European thrillers.

Posted on July 1, 2016 in What We're Reading
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This week the Crime Files team choose their favourite European thrillers!

The Collini Case by Ferdinand von Schirach

This is such a brilliant and powerful novel. And quite short, which, as a slow reader, I always appreciate. It’s set in Germany and tells the story of an Italian man called Fabrizio Collini. Collini is a quiet, hard-working and respectable man who one day, for no apparent reason, walks into a fancy Berlin hotel and shoots a man dead. He then proceeds to stamp on the man’s head until he is unrecognisable. He hands himself into the police and confesses. The motive is completely unapparent. What then unfolds is a masterful court room drama, centred around a young defence lawyer who, as the case unfurls, discovers a terrible truth at the heart of the German justice system.



Blood Wedding by Pierre Lemaitre

First MacLehose Press gave you Stieg Larsson and now they give you The New Noir, Pierre Lemaitre.

Pierre has twice won the International CWA Dagger for his critically-acclaimed Camille Verhoeven trilogy and fans, both inside and outside of the industry, are eagerly awaiting his next book.

It’s difficult to put into words how truly brilliant Blood Wedding is. Packed full with Pierre’s signature darkness, carefully created descriptions and blinding twists, this standalone psychological thriller will stand heads and shoulders above its competitors. It’s incredibly clever in the plotting and detail of manipulation and surveillance. The tables are turned, at least twice; it’s the perfect suspense novel with the atmosphere of a contemporary Hitchcock film.

Pierre is making a reputation around the world as a standout original in terms of freshness and originality, and bringing a small measure of French exoticism into a flooding crime market. Pierre’s influences are the classics, the greats of crime writing. He does not look over his shoulder at what is in the market, but carves out his own path.

 If there’s one thriller I urge you to read it’s this. MacLehose Press redefined the crime genre once before and this is the book to do it again.



The Day of the Jackal by Frederick Forsyth

A classic but for a reason. This book has it all: a break-neck pace, complex  characters, feats of daring and a razor sharp plot. When it comes to European thrillers, not many can touch this one.



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