My Accomplice(s) by Jenny Blackhurst

My Accomplice

For publication of BEFORE I LET YOU IN Jenny Blackhurst reveals her crime writing accomplice(s) - her crime writing heroes

Posted on September 12, 2016 in Guest Author, My Accomplice
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When I was asked to write this blog piece the title given was My Accomplice: who is your crime writing hero? Well, I decided to cheat a little and hope no one notices. Because – much like Danny Ocean’s gang of daring vault breakers – I have a team. Let’s call them a mob; it’s more crimey. So here’s a glimpse at my mob:

The Twists

Sophie Hannah’s books are well known for their clever Christie-esque twists and turns. Each one will leave your head in a spin but by the end she will have convinced you that, of course, there was no other way for them to turn out.

The Atmosphere

If I’m looking to be taken somewhere dark and atmospheric then Sharon Bolton is the writer I turn to. Whether it’s the Thames, the Falkland Islands or an isolated village in the Pennines, Sharon makes you feel as though you are right there, watching over your shoulder for the bad things that are about to happen. I rarely read one of Sharon’s books in more than one sitting.

The Page Turner

I openly credit The Wicked Girls as being a life changing book for me on the basis that I found my agent through the acknowledgements and wanted to be represented by the woman who helped birth one of the best books I’d read that year. Alex Marwood knows how to write a book that screams ‘just one more chapter’. Stephen King calls her ‘scary as hell’ – I call her bloody marvellous.

The Characters

When I pick up one of Paula Daly’s books I know I’ll be with people I want to spend time with. Her main characters are real, relatable and often good fun. I’ve read all of her books to date and in each one I’ve been invested in the world she creates and the people who inhabit it.

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