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Self Incrimination

G X Todd, author of DEFENDER, writes our regular Self Incrimination piece and picks Dean Koontz's INTENSITY!

Posted on December 6, 2016 in Guest Author, Self incrimination
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Have you ever read a book that was so breathlessly full-on that you couldn’t put it down until it was finished? I have and it’s called Intensity by Dean Koontz.

Intensity Dean Koontz

In essence it’s about a woman called Chyna who goes to stay with her best friend at her family’s home and, during the night, an intruder breaks in and kidnaps her. Chyna makes the split-second decision to do whatever it takes to save her friend and wreak vengeance on the guys who have hurt her.

Intensity’s pace is relentless. The violence is fully realised and yet doesn’t need to take centre stage. And the reason why I love it so much is because it’s told in real time over a few short hours, with a number of twists and turns along the way that don’t feel contrived and are honest-to-goodness surprising. It has something else a few thrillers these days lack, too: a heart. You really feel like you’re on this crazy ride with Chyna, that every decision she makes will impact on you, too, because you’ve been with her every step of the way. It’s a real masterclass of tension and suspense.

(Two films have been adapted from this book. The first is called Intensity (1997) and stars John C. McGinley; it’s a solid effort and remains very faithful to the story. The second is called Switchblade Romance (2003) and is a French production. In my opinion, this is the superior film even though it diverges from the source material in the final third. Strangely, the makers of Switchblade never credit Koontz as the writer, which is insane. Some scenes mirror the ones in the book exactly. Read it, watch it, and see for yourselves!)

G X Todd’s DEFENDER publishes January 2017


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