Read an extract from Cruel Mercy and win the entire DS McAvoy series

Cruel Mercy David Mark

Cruel Mercy, the 6th in the DS McAvoy series by David Mark, publishes today, and we're giving five lucky readers the chance to win the entire series!

Posted on January 26, 2017 in Competition
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David Mark’s 6th book in the DS Aector McAvoy series Cruel Mercy publishes today, and we’ve got a sneak preview! Have a read of the below, and if it strikes your fancy, scroll down to enter our competition to win the entire series!

Then . . .

The first girl was still alive when he poured the cement into the cavity between the floorboards and the earth. He decanted it tenderly, like wine from a chalice. She managed to raise her hand above the level of the setting liquid and over the course of the next two days the cement-coated limb turned to stone. He watched the transformation without interval. Viewed it dispassionately. Viewed it the same way he had watched her die.

At length, the sight of the stone hand began to unsettle him. Even when he closed his eyes he could still see that arm and wrist, that palm and halted pulse; fingers curled inwards, rising up from the floor as if reaching out for him. Eventually he had to hack it off with a spade. The hand sits on his bedside table now. He uses it to hold his ring, watch and crucifix as he sleeps. The flesh inside the stone shell has started to corrupt but he does not mind the odour of the rotting claw. It is a comforting smell, like baking bread or mown grass.

With the second and third girls he made sure their hearts had stopped beating before he began to pour.

By the time he entombed the eighth girl he had begun to know, almost to the exact hour, when their pulses would give out through lack of food and water. He had begun to know on what day their cries would stop.

This girl is different. She is still alive two days after he expected her to expire. She still has some lustre in her eyes.

It is almost as if she believes there is still hope . . .


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