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Scene of the Crime

Anna Mazzola delivers our regular Scene of the Crime piece about where she wrote THE UNSEEING - out now!

Posted on January 27, 2017 in Guest Author, Scene of the Crime
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These days I do most of my writing in what my dad refers to as ‘The Turret’. It is in fact my bedroom. The Turret is at the top of the house and as far away as I can get from those small people who keep following me about. You’ll see from the photograph, however, that George the cat has discovered my hideout and decided that my writing chair is his chair. Often, we have to share it.

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I like to keep images of what I’m writing about on my desk, so at the moment there are pictures of 19th century Skye (the setting for my second novel) and of the house on which my fictional mansion is based. Beside my desk are a pile of books that I dip into when I need to check things, and a map of Skye, which I’ve scribbled over.

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There are three crucial features to my writing process:

  1. The GO AWAY I’M WRITING mug, which must contain coffee, or no writing will be done;
  2. The Freedom app, which I use to prevent myself from spending all my writing hours on Twitter; and
  3. Or at least relative quiet. Some people write to music, but I can’t. When I’m working with the children in the house, I sometimes wear earplugs so that I can’t hear the shouts and screams (I should point out that they’re not left alone – that would be unkind). Frequently, however, a little hand will appear around the door, and then a little face. There are worse distractions.

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People get hung up on having the right environment in order to be able to write, but I think that, if you need to, you can write anywhere. The early drafts of my first novel, The Unseeing, were written in cafes while my son slept, or in the car, with him asleep in the baby seat. The book was edited standing up at a desk with my daughter in a baby sling. None of this was ideal, but, eventually, I finished the novel.

I still write in the car sometimes. Also on buses and trains, in parks and libraries. Really anywhere where I can balance a laptop. And a coffee cup.

Anna Mazzola is the author of THE UNSEEING

THE UNSEEING / Anna Mazzola

You can find Anna on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram or on her website

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