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This month we celebrate Martina Cole's incredible writing career with the publication of a very special 25th anniversary edition of Dangerous Lady. Since 1992, we've published a few more dangerous ladies to rival Martina's Maura, and we've rounded up some of the best reads on that theme.

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1. Dangerous Lady by Martina Cole

Dangerous Lady Martina Cole

Dangerous Lady is the iconic first novel by Martina Cole. This year marks the book’s 25th anniversary, and we’re publishing a special edition to coincide, along with celebrating dangerous ladies of all kinds across Crime Files. Maura, the Ryan clan’s youngest and only daughter, is the last person anyone expects to take on gangland London. But with her eldest brother Michael by her side she fast becomes the queen of organised crime. Smart, tough and beautiful, no one is a match for her.


2. Blood Sister by Dreda Say Mitchell

Blood Sister Dreda Say Mitchell 9781473625662

Blood Sister introduces the Miller family – which is packed full of women you wouldn’t want to mess with, from matriarch Babs, wild tomboy Tiff, and Jen, who will stop at nothing to protect her kids. When their paths cross with Dee – a real force of nature and a woman with a plan – all bets are off, and sparks will fly…


3. Alex by Pierre LeMaitre


Alex Prévost at first seems far more vulnerable than dangerous. Kidnapped, beaten, suspended from the ceiling of an abandoned warehouse in a wooden cage – she is in no position to bargain. But we soon begin to discover that first appearances often lie and that Alex is a force to be reckoned with.

4. The Dead Won’t Sleep by Anna Smith

The Dead Won't Sleep

This is the first in the Rosie Gilmour series. You couldn’t ask for a more compelling protagonist, Rosie is a tough as nails adrenaline fuelled investigative reporter for a Glaswegian tabloid (heavily based on author Anna Smith’s own experience). One she gets a sniff of a good story she’ll pursue it till the bitter end, no matter how dark or dangerous it gets.

5. My Sister by Michelle Adams


Michelle Adams’ sickly thrilling debut features a pair of sisters: one abandoned by the family as a child, the other holed up in the family mansion for years to her obvious mental detriment. Irini is called back to the homeplace for her estranged mother’s funeral, but Elle won’t let her leave without a fight. Using psychological torment, physical violence and even drugging at one point, Elle is a woman you don’t want to cross, and one who will do whatever it takes to make sure her side of the story is heard.

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