6 of the most Dangerous Women across Crime TV and Film

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Continuing our celebration of Martina Cole's Dangerous Lady, we're paying our respect to the most fearsome women across TV and film.

Posted on February 24, 2017 in Film/TV Adaptations
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Claire Underwood

Claire Underwood Dangerous Women

House of Cards started off firmly as a show about Frank Underwood’s rise through Washington via intense corruption. It’s hard to imagine how somebody else in the series could overtake a man who pushed a former lover under a subway train, but Claire’s manipulative prowess shone through in season four. Walking out on the President, leaking Frank’s father’s links to the KKK, telling him she feels nothing for him as he clings to life in hospital – and finally, finally breaking the fourth wall like Frank had done throughout the whole show! Seeing her crush her rivals is uniquely satisfying. – HK


Annaliese Keating

Annaliese Keating Dangerous Women

I feel like I harp on about How To Get Away With Murder all the time – it’s my biggest TV obsession of the moment – but I just have to mention Annaliese Keating (played by the great Viola Davis) in a piece about dangerous ladies. The brilliant thing about the character of Annaliese is that her motives are always ambiguous, and some of the choices she makes downright cruel, and yet the way she is written and acted is so raw, exposed and multi-faceted that you cannot help but root for her. – NB


Carrie Mathison

Carrie Mathison Dangerous Women

Homeland has been a gripping series from the start and I believe this is all down to it’s central character. Homeland wouldn’t be Homeland without Carrie and her intelligence, loyalty, determination and complications… – JL


Livia Soprano

Livia Soprano Dangerous Women

Despite being placed in a residential community at the start of season one of The Sopranos, the ominously glassy glare from the mafia matriarch reveals that she wields far more power than you initially give her credit. It is a powerful, unnerving performance by Nancy Marchand and a definite contender in the most dangerous of TV women. – LM


Scott and Bailey

In their role as police officers definitely dangerous to the criminals they’re investigating but it would be such a great show without the complications in their own relationship and in their personal lives. I for one can’t wait to see if there will be more episodes to come. – JL


Miss Marple

A sweet bespectacled old lady who investigates crimes. How sweet. Do not thoug underestimate her… – JL

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