5 of the best Detective Couples

Holmes Watson

We've rounded up five of our favourite partners in crime from some classic crime fiction and adaptations.

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Tommy and Tuppence Beresford

Tommy Tuppence Beresford

Most recently played by Jessica Raine and David Walliams, Tommy and Tuppence are far more glamorous than Agatha Christie’s better known detectives Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot (though Poirot does have an impressive set of moustaches). Starting as bright young things in the 20s, they are the perfect crime-solving partnership – she imaginative, he dogged – and they stick at it through family life and into their seventies. Good detectives don’t retire…


Lord Peter Wimsey & Harriet Vane

Lord Peter Wimsey Harriet Vane

Busman’s Honeymoon was famously described as a love story with detective interruptions and a detective story with romantic interruptions. For fans of Peter and Harriet, seeing them finally come to terms with their feelings for each other and start their married life on a level playing field, it’s simply lovely. There is definitely a certain sense of wish fulfilment in marrying someone as rich and clever as Wimsey; but their relationship is given depth both by Harriet’s deep misgivings and Peter’s own struggles with his past, and I am a sucker for the romantic ends of both Busman and Gaudy Night.


Nick & Nora Charles

Nick Nora Charles

The ultimate wisecracking, gin fuelled private investigators you secretly want to be. Always nicely turned out, and quite often drunk, they manage to solve the crimes all the same. Also, I want their dog.


Charlie Zailer & Simon Waterhouse

Charlie Zailer Simon Waterhouse

A bit more of a prickly couple, this – Sophie Hannah’s pair of detectives never quite seem sure of each other, and are certainly not great at expressing their feelings for each other, but that makes them feel like a real couple. They frequently exasperate each other (which only makes them realer) but if someone external dares to criticise one of them, you’d better watch out. They are committed, funny, smart and complicated; a properly grown up marriage that we still have a lot more to learn about.


Holmes and Watson

Holmes Watson

Couldn’t resist. Look: they live together, they bicker about how tidy the house is and what Sherlock has in the fridge (in the modern version anyway), and people have been making up stories about their involvement for the last fifty years at least. Sherlock may be in awe of the woman, and Watson may have married Mary, but we all know that their partnership is deep, abiding, and central to their lives, whether you want to think it’s romantic or otherwise.

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