Nature vs. Nurture By Lisa Scottoline

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For publication of her latest paperback, MOST WANTED, Lisa Scottoline looks at the nature vs nurture premise at the heart of the thriller!

Posted on April 28, 2017 in Guest Author
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My new novel MOST WANTED has a riveting premise – a pregnant woman learns that her sperm donor may have be a serial killer.  The woman naturally begins to wonder if her unborn child could be carrying the genes of a psychopathic killer, and that led me to a fair amount of research as to whether there is such a thing as a “murder gene.”

The literature goes both ways, but the central theme is the debate of nature versus nurture.  I have always been interested in nature vs. nurture, especially since I found out late in my life that I had a half-sister I didn’t know about, on my father’s side, and in fact, a half-brother as well, but on my mother’s side!  (I know, you can’t make this up…) It was surprising to meet them and getting to know them both, but it has become wonderful, and it provides me with an in-house examination on the difference between nature and nurture.

I’m starting to think more and more that nature plays more of a role than I had thought, and I see this more and more with my own daughter Francesca, with whom I’m very close.  I’m a single mother, so it’s always been just her and me, and now we are even co-authors on a series of humorous memoirs about our lives, so we’re learning a lot about each other, day by day, (and given our occupations, so is everyone else).  More and more, I see that her innate intelligence, her great good humor, her way of looking at the world, and her wonderfully thoughtful temperament is something that she was simply born with.  I’m the wacky one, of the two of us!

In any event, as with all of my novels, I used this emotional truth to form the conundrum that lies at the heart of MOST WANTED.  The mother was to find out if her unborn child has a biological father who is a psychopath, but at the same time, she is also deciding what effect that could have on her child and whether that will affect her bond with the child.  The novel has lots of twists and turns that I won’t reveal herein, but suffice it to say that as with all of my books, plumbing the dark side of this woman’s journey has been informed by emotional and universal truth that ground all good fiction.

So I hope that you will pick up a copy of the book and enjoy the ride!


MOST WANTED is out now in paperback


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