A series guide to the novels of Peter Robinson

Do you know your DCI Banks from your DS Cabbot? You soon will with this handy guide to the novels of Peter Robinson!

Posted on May 31, 2017 in Series guide
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Set in the Yorkshire Dales, this bestselling series sees DCI Banks taking on all manner of criminal activity. From kidnapping to arson to murder and everything in between, Banks has been there and investigated that. 2017 marks the 30-year anniversary of his first case – but he’s only just beginning.





Before the Poison

Having retired to Kilnsgate House in the Yorkshire Dales, successful composer Chris Lowndes learns that a man died there sixty years ago, and his wife was convicted of murder. Something is pulling him deeper and deeper into the story of Grace Elizabeth Fox, who was hanged by the neck until she was dead . . .

No Cure for Love

Someone has been sending unsettling anonymous letters to a beautiful TV star, and Arvo Hughes expects this case to be nothing out of the ordinary – until the actress discovers a mutilated body outside her beach house. But the squeaky-clean star seems to be keeping memories of a shady history locked away . . .

Caedmon’s Song

Kirsten, a young student,  is viciously attacked as she strolls home one evening. She can’t remember anything about it – but then details start to reveal themselves . . .

Elsewhere, Martha arrives in Whitby, posing as an author doing research for a book. But her research is of a particularly macabre variety. Who is she hunting? And why?





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