Creepy Children – Jenny Blackhurst

Jenny Blackhurst, author of THE FOSTER CHILD, introduces her favourite creepy children from books and films.

Posted on October 12, 2017 in Guest Author
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Creepy Children in Books

Kevin Khatchadourian

We need to talk about Kevin, Lionel Shriver

Lionel Shriver’s Kevin Khatchadourian is undoubtedly one of the scariest children to ever make it to the page. Told in a series of letter from his mother to his father, We Need To Talk About Kevin is the story of a woman trying to come to terms with her psychotic son and his actions. Truly compelling.


Carrie White

Carrie, Stephen King

A slight cheat here as Carrie isn’t technically a child, she’s a teenager but I’m putting my foot down. Stephen King’s 1974 novel is one of the most famous depictions of telekinesis ever written, not to mention developed for the big screen (who can forget that horrific scene with the pigs blood?).


Jamie Kerthen
The Fire Child, SK Tremayne

A vast gothic mansion in Cornwall, quite possibly haunted, and a young boy who tells his stepmother ‘You will be dead by Christmas’… need I say more?! S K Tremyane’s brilliant follow up to The Ice Twins is darkly atmospheric, and the creepy child at the heart of it all chilled me to the bones.


Beside Myself
, Ann Morgan

This is such a clever concept. Six-year-old Helen and Ellie are identical twins, but Helen is smarter, more popular, and the favourite. Ellie requires special instruction at school, is friendless, and bullied. Until they decide to swap places – just for fun, and just for one day – and Ellie refuses to switch back. I listened to the audiobook last year and found it completely enthralling. Truly chilling with amazing narration from Lisa Coleman who I was thrilled to hear is to be the narrator for The Foster Child.


Rhoda Penmark
The Bad Seed, William March

An eight-year-old sociopath, Rhoda is perhaps the best example of an evil child. She has no secret powers, is not controlled by demons and wasn’t born to the devil. She could be the child next door. If the child next door was a cold blooded killer. And who’s to say they aren’t?



Creepy children films

Evil children work really well in film. Tiny faces with cold staring eyes are guaranteed to make you think twice before you tell your darling offspring they can’t have a second ice cream. And when their heads spin – that’s when you really start to panic…


Regan MacNeil – The Exorcist

One of the original and most obvious choices, it would be rude to leave this one off the list – although strictly speaking the twelve-year-old girl isn’t evil until her body is taken over by a demonic spirit. At least that’s her excuse and she’s sticking to it. You will never drink pea soup again.


Damien Thorn – The Omen

Literally a devil child, they don’t come much creepier than little Damien. This classic film will have you running for the holy water.


Issac Chroner – Children of the Corn

Alright, I know what you’re going to say. And yes, Children of the Corn was a book first, and by the master of the creepy child fiction Stephen King himself. And a brilliant short story it was. But to talk about the book would be to forget John Franklin’s performance as Issac Chroner, and who can forget that?


I could go on. And on. The twins from The Shining, The Village of the Damned, the girl who crawls out of the TV in The Ring…horror movies are full of creepy kids, just waiting to wander into our bedrooms and watch us as we sleep. What, your kids don’t do that? Or they just don’t let you see them? Sleep tight…


THE FOSTER CHILD by Jenny Blackhurst is out now

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