Self-Incrimination – Nick Clark Windo

Self Incrimination

Nick Clark Windo, author of THE FEED, introduces his favourite crime and thriller reads in our Self-Incrimination piece

Posted on February 2, 2018 in Guest Author, Self incrimination
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Does everybody else say The Silence of the Lambs too? That book has a lot to answer for!

Actually, a crime book that really influenced me wasn’t a piece of fiction, it was a look at true crime: The Jigsaw Man by a forensic psychologist called Paul Britton. It’s a riveting read: fascinating, terrifying, and a chillingly intriguing journey into criminal psyches.

Maybe this is why The Silence of the Lambs is so good too: it feels really real (whereas The Jigsaw Man really is real) and therefore utterly gripping, with the characters living on in your mind after you’ve stopped reading.

Maybe this is why I’ve always had a penchant for Raymond Chandler, too, which feels less real and, while brilliant to read, safe somehow as a result – a classic and perfect tonic to real and modern crime.


THE FEED by Nick Clark Windo is out now

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