Last year’s ‘SCARIEST THRILLER’ (Stylist) is back with a brand-new look

This week, we launched the paperback of last summer’s ‘scariest thriller’ according to STYLIST. We are particularly excited to see what everyone thinks of the stunning new book cover that’s been designed for this format. A perfectly chilling combination of intrigue and menace.

Posted on April 18, 2019 in Behind the Scenes, Guest Author

We caught up with author, Phoebe Locke, last week and asked her what she thought:

‘I LOVE the new look Yeti Lambregts has given the paperback – there’s something about that deep, moody blue and hazy coral which really captures the novel: the eerie cool of the woods and the rising tensions between the Banner family. It’s been such an amazing year, seeing The Tall Man out in the world and connecting with readers, and I’ve been especially thrilled that people have really seen through to the core of the story – not the spooky playground tale of The Tall Man but the three women affected by it: Sadie, the mother who has spent her life running; Amber, the teenager who has committed the most terrible crime; and Greta, the filmmaker increasingly haunted by the depths her latest project is taking her to. I think this cover is the perfect reflection of that.’

The paperback for The Tall Man is out this week and is the perfect thing to rip-through over your bank holiday weekend. Order now:

Already read The Tall Man? Don’t miss Phoebe’s next book out later this year, The July Girls (unsurprisingly out this July). Pre-order your copy:



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