Read the first chapter of The Carrier

Read the first chapter of The Carrier by Mattias Berg

Posted on May 7, 2019 in Uncategorized

The man with the nuclear briefcase has gone rogue. Mission Impossible meets the Hunt for Red October in this pulse-raising thriller.

” Thriller and satire, nuclear physics and history of ideas . . . One of the most ambitious and spectacular debut novels I have read in Swedish.” Kulturnytt

Erasmus Levine has a job like no other

He travels with the President of the United States at all times, and holds in his hands the power to obliterate life as we know it. He is the man with the nuclear briefcase, part of a crack team of top-secret operatives established after 9/11, led by a man codenamed Edelweiss.

Delve deeper and sample the first chapter of The Carrier here.  

The Carrier is out on 23 May and available to pre-order here.

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