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Jenny Blackhurst explains the inspiration for SOMEONE IS LYING – her new psychological thriller.

Posted on May 31, 2019 in The Motive
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I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of a gated community, the notion of trusting your neighbours so much that you effectively lock yourself in with them. I’ve lived for ten years on a main road, my neighbours being perfectly pleasant people to say hello to, but I’ve never known more about them than their names and the fact that one of them was a postman.  Just over twelve months ago my family and I moved to a small village in the countryside and within a couple of months I knew more about the people on my street than those I’d spent the previous ten years next door to. Or did I? It occurred to me that I’d been predisposed to trust these people purely by virtue of the fact that we all chose the same street to live on, but actually any number of them could be harbouring deep secrets (don’t panic – if they are I haven’t worked them out yet and no one has been murdered in the twelve months I’ve been here). That’s when, whilst watching my perfect, idyllic neighbours through an upstairs window, I started to plot murder within the gates.

The spark of inspiration for the format came from an addiction to true crime podcasts. I would listen to them in the car, while I was doing the food shopping – I even took up running as an excuse to listen. Then one day I wondered – what if you turned one on and realised they were talking about the murder of someone you knew? What if they named YOU as a suspect?

The idea for Someone Is Lying was born. And now I’m probably going to have to move house. Let’s hope no one finds what’s hidden in the garden…

SOMEONE IS LYING is out in ebook now and in paperback this November

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