Partner In Crime: by J.S. Law

Fresh off an exciting television adaptation deal with ITV, J.S. Law picks a Partner in Crime for Lieutenant Dani Lewis...who will be on our screens in 2021!

Posted on June 20, 2019 in Guest Author, Partner in Crime

My third book in the Dani Lewis series, The Coldest Blood, has been out in shops for a few months now. It was always going to be the conclusion of a three-book arc, and we see Dani and Hamilton’s relationship reach its resolution. Now comes the time where I start to think about book four and what will happen to Dani next…

Looking at messages from the readers that correspond with me by email and on Facebook, there is a lot of interest in Hamilton (why do people so love the baddies??) and I often get messages asking about the time when Dani and Hamilton were partners in the Royal Navy’s Special Investigation Branch. This, and some ideas that have been bubbling away for many years, always make me think about a prequel, a story that sees what it was like when Dani was, unknowingly, partnered with a serial killer. But it also makes me think about who would best be suited to partner with Dani in an investigation, particularly if I had all the detectives that crime fiction has to offer. So, here I present to you the three fictional characters that I believe would pair brilliantly with my own Dani Lewis.

In third place, is one of my favourite on-screen detectives of all time, written by one of my favourite authors of all time, it is Val Mcdermid’s Carol Jordan of the Wire in the Blood series. I’ve always enjoyed Carol Jordan’s pragmatism, mixed with dry humour, but also her humanity and the way that she can remain strong when she needs to but is a human and vulnerable and real as any of us. I could see a relationship between Carol and Dani based on trust and shared values. I could also see them being able to have some heated discussions, but still being able to recognize and respect what each brings to the party. I believe they’d be friends. I also believe they’d be a formidable crime-fighting team. So in third place, but not by much, I recommend Carol Jordan.

In second place, and someone who I think would make an amazing partner for almost any detective, would be Lisbeth Salander. A fearless investigator who’s prepared to colour outside the lines if necessary. I think Lisbeth would bring another dimension to Dani’s single-minded focus. If I were a criminal and I knew that I had Lisbeth Salander paired with Dani Lewis focused on bringing me to justice, I know that I would feel very precarious in my prospects for enduring freedom. Online or in the real world, nowhere would be safe. So second place goes to Lisbeth Salander.

And in first place, my top pick to partner Dani Lewis, is perhaps a tiny bit of a cop-out. I wanted a literary partner and my first pick seemed to only be on television. But, Neil Cross, the creator of Luther, has bailed me out by commencing a brilliant series of books based on his character, John Luther, and as such, I believe Alice Morgan is fair game to be my number one pick to partner Dani Lewis.

I’ve mentioned the Dani is driven by an insatiable quest for justice, and that she is often willing to walk the narrow path between the right thing to do, and what needs to be done… to my mind, teaming her with a mind and will like Alice Morgan would create the most formidable crime-fighting force the literary world has ever seen. My only concern would be knowing who would be the stronger of the two characters. Whether Alice would pull Dani closer and closer to the edge, and into that grey area between right and wrong, or whether Dani’s moral compass would keep Alice tethered. Either way, this is a duo I’d love to see in action. So, my number one pick to partner Dani Lewis for an investigation would be Alice Morgan.

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