Reading Guide for Chris Hammer’s SCRUBLANDS

Chris Hammer's Scrublands review round-up

'A page-turner that stays long in the memory' said the Sunday Times of Chris Hammer's SCRUBLANDS. If you've picked this Australian no. 1 bestseller for your reading group don't miss our reading guide!

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  • In the first chapter, Chris Hammer places us with Martin in Riversend. What were your initial thoughts of the town? How did Martin’s initial descriptions of Riversend impact your ideas about the people who live there and the events that took place?
  • Despite being set in a fictional town, Scrublands has a strong sense of place. What elements does Chris Hammer include to achieve this?
  • Martin provides the reader with an insight into the life of a journalist. What did you learn?
  • What did you think of the arrival of more media in Riversend and their response to Martin?
  • Who was your favourite character in the book and why? (Check out Chris Hammer’s response to this question here
  • How do you think Martin’s own demons impacted his time in Riversend?
  • What assumptions at the beginning of the novel did you think could not be true?
  • Did any of the twists and turns surprise you?
  • What did you think of the ending of the book? Were all your questions answered?


SCRUBLANDS is out now in paperback

Scrublands PB cover

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