On the 30th anniversary, dig into Henry Porter’s thriller about the fall of the Berlin Wall

Read the first chapter of Brandenburg, Henry Porter's thriller about the fall of the Berlin Wall

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‘A fascinating switchback roller-coaster of a plot’ Guardian

November 1989. The fall of the Berlin Wall. One man is caught between East and West…

The Stasi was among the most sophisticated intelligence organisations in the world, but by the end of the 1980s the Orwellian state of East Germany was collapsing around it.

In the last few paranoid weeks of the Communist world one man will carry out one last desperate mission under the very noses of the Stasi. Dr Rudolf Rosenharte is an academic from Dresden and agent for MI6; his controller is Robert Harland.

When Rosenharte’s security is compromised he is faced with a stark choice: to defect to the West, leaving his beloved family to the mercies of the Stasi, or return to East Germany to carry out the most dangerous assignment of his career. November 1989 will mean the end of communism. But will it mean the end of Rosenharte?

As an eyewitness to the incredible scenes of November 1989, Henry Porter brings the fall of the Berlin Wall to vivid life. Now, 30 years on, immerse yourself in a gripping read and allow yourself to be transported back to ‘the end of history’.


To mark the anniversary, you can get your hands on Brandenburg for JUST 99P HERE.

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